Camping (Prices based on Double Occupancy)
For 2 adults per site (kids 4 years old and under are free)
 -No power No water   $19.50
 - electric hookups  (30 amp)    $23.00
 - electric hookups  (50 amp)    $25.00
 - electric hookup with septic (50 amp)    $27.00
 -Extra person on a campsite   $6.00 each
Camping options at Vortex range from our secluded wooded, "outer" sites to those with creature comforts that provide water and electricity. Shower and bathroom facilities are available to all campers. Please call ahead to reserve a location as the campgrounds sites go fast, especially on holiday and event weekends.
We allow up to 8 people per campsite. We do not allow pets. We allow Campfires. We do not allow Bonfires.
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