Park Fees 

Air Fills

Diving Equipment Rental

Vortex Fun

Day Pass (Swimming)       $6.00 Per Person  (Children 4 years old and under Free)

Scuba Diving Day Pass     $20.00 Per Person         

Military Discount (for active duty member)    10% Off (Only on Scuba Diving Day Pass)

Fees are per day

Scuba Complete Package    $60.00

Rental Package includes tank, reg, BCD, wetsuit, weights and belt, mask, fins, snorkel, hood, boots, and gloves.  

Regulator (With pressure gauge and depth gauge)    $14.00

Filled Air Tank    $10.00

Filled Nitrox Tank (With proper certification)    $16.00

Buoyancy Compensator    $17.00

Wet Suit    $15.50

Weight Belt    $2.00

Weights (Each-Not per lbs)    $.50

Boots, Gloves, Hood, Compass    $4.00 Each

Mask, Fins, Snorkel    $3.50 Each

Snorkel Package (mask, fins, & snorkel)    $8.00

Underwater Light    $5.00

Single Tubes                                                                     $5.00 Per Day

Double Tubes                                                                    $10.00 Per Day 

Triple Tubes                                                                      $15.00 Per Day 

Paddle Boats                                                                    $10.00 (1 Hrs)

Paddle Boards                                                                  $10.00 (1 Hr)

Canoe                                                                              $5.00 (1 Hrs)

Vortex has a complete line of rental gear. With proper deposit and certification our gear can be rented and taken to other diving facilities.

Air Refills                                                                             $6.00

Nitrox Fills                                                                           $12.00

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